Department :Chemistry

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The department of chemistry is established with BSc. Polymer Chemistry in 2002. The department functions completely with the vision of nurturing students who are equipped to face the hasty world of today. Along with the developing academic proficiency, the department also aims to develop skill and awareness in instrumentation among the students. The department gives primary importance to constantly improving the method of teaching and evaluation.

BSc Polymer chemistry is an undergraduate Chemistry course. Polymer chemistry is a science that deals with the study of polymers, both natural and synthetic. Polymer Chemists also deals with the nature, structure, and applications for polymers, e.g. plastics, synthetic materials, soaps and cleansers, and other chemical products. The course is career opening in nature and they have further study option as well.

  • The Course is beneficial to pursue further studies such as M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D courses.
  • Polymer chemists tend to work in manufacturing, testing and design for substances such as paint and industrial organic chemicals.
  • Candidates can also have career paths in defense and aerospace industries.  
  • They can also find employment opportunities in a wide range of industries, from consumer or industrial grade products to research laboratories.

Job opportunities

  • Synthetic Polymer Chemist
  • Lab Technician-Polymer Specialty
  • Polymer Technician
  • Materials Engineer (Polymer)
  • Materials Scientist (Polymer)
  • Senior Polymer Researcher
  • Process Engineer
  • Polymer Sort Technician
  • Senior Technical Sales Support Specialist
  • Assistant / Associate Research / Development Scientist
  • Quality Control Specialist
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Inorganic Chemist
  • Physical Chemist
  • Medical Chemist
  • Teacher


  • Conducts group discussions and seminars related to various aspects of chemistry
  • The students are made to do their project work which exposes them to the practical faces of the object
  • Well facilitated library
  • Well equipped lab
  • Industrial visit conducted every year


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NameKripa Suresh
Qualification     MSc
Experience4 years
Categoryassistant professor

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Qualification     Msc.Chemistry
Experience2 yr

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Qualification     Msc.Chemistry
Experience20 +years

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Qualification     Msc.Chemistry
Experience10+ years

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NameJisha TS
Qualification     Msc Phd
Experience3+ yrs

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NameSruthi K
Qualification     Msc
Experience1 yr